Managing your super.

27 minutes

Superannuation will be one of our most important assets when it comes time to retire. Why then do we not pay it more attention now to work towards a better financial future? Watch our 'Managing your super' video to learn 5 simple things you should know about your super.

This video looks at the basics of superannuation and why it’s important to take control of your super NOW. By having an understanding of your super, how it works, and what you can do to maximise it will help you toward a more financially independent retirement.

We’ll help you learn:

  • About the Superannuation Guarantee.
  • How and why you can make additional contributions.
  • Where and how you can choose to invest it.
  • When you can access your super savings.

This video may be helpful for anyone who:

  • Recently joined the workforce and wants to know more about superannuation
  • Wants to take greater control of their superannuation.
  • May be concerned that they may not have enough superannuation.
  • Just wants to know more about superannuation.

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