If you’re considering exploring the world of investment these resources will help you do so with more confidence.


Fitness Course

Ready to get your finances in order? Our Financial Fitness course covers the basics of personal finance topics to help you understand key financial concepts and establish good money habits to work towards your desired financial future.


Managing your super.


Tuesday June 14th @ 1.00pm

Superannuation will be one of our most important assets when it comes time to retire. Why then do we not pay it more attention now to work towards a better financial future? Join our 'Managing your super' webinar to learn 5 simple things to know about your super.

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Tuesday May 10th @ 1.00pm

Want to invest but unsure where or how to start? Investing is one way to create wealth and achieve your financial goals but for many new investors it can be a daunting prospect. Our live webinar ‘Investing’ will walk you through investment strategy, some of the many investment options available, how to choose the right one for you, and where to get help.

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Investing in shares.

Investing in shares is becoming more accessible to a greater number of investors through online share trading platforms. However, the usual risks still apply so it pays to understand what you’re investing in, and why, to help achieve the financial goals you’re after.

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Investing for beginners.

There’s a lot to consider when you’re deciding to invest for the first time. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide of what you need to know before investing.

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Financing an investment property.

One of the keys to successful investing lies in understanding what you are looking to achieve from the investment, or what your strategy is. Getting your finance structured in a way that suits your investing strategy plays a large part in successfully investing in property.

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