Borrowing money.

20 minutes

Borrowing is just one tool that we can use to get the things we want in life. But when is the right time to borrow? And how do we ensure we are not borrowing ourselves into trouble? Watch our video 'Borrowing money' to gain insights into why we borrow and how to ensure it helps achieve our goals not put them at risk.

Borrowing money can enhance your lifestyle or increase your investment opportunities. Using credit wisely can help us to get ahead however if not managed well it can have a negative impact on your financial future.

This video looks at how to borrow well and to keep the credit we’re using manageable to ensure its helping not hindering us in achieving our life goals.

We’ll help you learn about:

  • what good credit management means,
  • when credit can be used effectively, and
  • the different types of credit available.

This video may be helpful for anyone who:

  • is borrowing, or contemplating borrowing, for the first time.
  • wants to know more about using credit effectively.
  • wants to know more about keeping credit well managed.

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