Planning for your financial future.

21 minutes

Ruby Connection is proud to partner with the Davidson Institute to bring you our 2020 International Women's Day webinar series.

Many people have a very clear vision of how they want their life to play out from a personal perspective and a career perspective. Often, however, they don’t take the next step and look at the finances to support that vision. Our ’Planning for your financial future’ webinar takes a high level, long term view of a financial plan to help you to achieve your life goals.

Whether it is growing wealth, buying a home, or simply saving for a dream holiday, the power to achieve your goals lies in developing a plan and following it through. This webinar will focus on developing a plan, and good money habits to support that plan, to help you achieve your financial goals.

This video may be helpful for anyone who:

  • is setting a financial goal.
  • wants to develop positive financial habits.
  • wants to develop a plan for a better financial future.

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Davidson Institute

Whether you’re a budding business, dedicated community group or curious individual, our financial education resources are designed to help you feel more money confident. Powered by Westpac, the Davidson Institute is here to help you work towards the financial future you want.

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