A guide to protecting yourself from financial abuse.

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Many of us find managing our finances difficult at the best of times, but these challenges are often amplified if you’ve experienced domestic and family violence, including financial abuse. This is module 1 from a series of 3 guides to help you navigate through this difficult time, help you regain your financial independence and rebuild your financial future.

It can be very confronting to be worried about money all the time – wondering how you’ll the bills or keep a roof over your head. For many survivors of abuse, it also feels very isolating.

You’re not alone. Perhaps you’ve already taken the first step towards securing a better future for yourself. You may need time, support and the right advice to help you move forward and reclaim your life, but you can do it – and we’re here to help.

Financial abuse is common in many instances of domestic and family violence – and if you’ve experienced it, you already know how demoralising and traumatic it can be. It’s sometimes called the ‘hidden’ side of domestic violence, so being aware of the signs and knowing how to free yourself from it is an important step in rebuilding your life.

The information in this guide covers:

  • Financially abusive relationships
  • Financial safety
  • Divorce and child support
  • Disclosing abuse
  • Privacy

The other 2 guides in this series are:

We hope you find them useful and helpful.


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