We work with Ruby Connection, a platform where a group of like-minded women come together and become not only more financially confident, but more empowered about what they can achieve for their futures.

Buying your first home.

Are you in the market for your first home? Not sure where to start or what information to look for? Watch our 'Buying your first home' video and learn what steps you need to take to help buy your dream home.

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Want to invest but unsure where or how to start? Investing is one way to create wealth and achieve your financial goals but for many new investors it can be a daunting prospect. Our ‘Investing’ video will walk you through investment strategy, the many investment options available, and how to choose the right one for you.

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Be credit healthy.

Borrowing is just one tool that we can use to get the things we want.  But when is the right time to borrow? And how do we ensure we are not ‘borrowing ourselves into trouble’?

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Planning for your financial future.

Many people have a very clear vision of how they want their life to play out from a personal perspective and a career perspective. This 'Planning for your financial future' video takes a high level, long term view of a financial plan that can help you to achieve your life goals.

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My money plan.

A budget is an empowering financial tool to help you take control of your money and financial future. But how do you create a budget that truly works for you?

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Helpful steps to buying your first home.

The Australian property market is in a transformative period with unprecedented demand, low stocks, and some of our lowest interest rates ever, making it even more challenging for women looking to buy their first home. Here’s some helpful tips to get you underway.

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