Financial governance for NFP’s.

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From cash records, asset registers through to balance sheets and profit/loss statements, do you feel in control of these compliance and financial requirements when it comes to your NFP organisation? Watch the Financial Governance for NFPs video to find out more about this important aspect of your organisation's governance.

As demand for services increases and the available funding decreases it is vital that not-for-profit organisations ensure that their financial governance passes muster.

Many people involved in the not-for-profit sector became involved due to their passion or belief in a particular cause rather than because they possessed the skills for the role they have undertaken.  From a financial view point this can have significant ramifications for both the organisation and the individual.  This video highlights why financial governance is important and introduces essential financial concepts that will support people undertaking board or financial roles in this sector.

We’ll help you learn about:

  • why financial governance is important.
  • understanding the financial position of an organisation using financial statements.

 This video may be helpful for anyone:

  • involved, or considering getting involved, as a board member or in a financial management role with a not-for-profit organisation.

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