Risk Management Part 2: Conflicts of interest.

16 minutes

Understanding and recognising a conflict of interest are important steps towards managing the integrity and sustainability of an organisation. This video looks at what a conflict of interest is and practical steps an individual can take to avoid conflicts of interest within an organisation.

Knowing your duties as a director is essential in running any organisation. If you get it wrong, you could be liable for civil and/or criminal penalties. 

In this 16 minute podcast, Sam Leak from Westpac and Manny Bell from Dentons talk about:

  1. What is a conflict of interest?
  2. Common case examples of conflicts of interest.
  3. Risks of not declaring a conflict of interest.
  4. Practical steps to take to avoid a conflict of interest

While the video is targeted at indigenous businesses, it is invaluable for anyone who is involved as a director or advises directors of any organisation. It could be a company, a charity, a not for profit or social enterprise.

You can contact Dentons’ Indigenous lawyers Teeyanna Tapim-Savage on (02) 9035 7180 or Manny Bell on (02) 9035 7177.

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