Digital card – Shopping with your mobile phone.

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Imagine going shopping with just your mobile phone. It’s now possible with digital cards. This article explains what a digital card is and how to use it.

Digital card – Shopping with your mobile phone.

Your mobile phone makes it easy to shop online or when you are out and about - without using a physical card or cash.

What is a digital card?

A digital card, also known as a virtual card is a mobile version of your plastic card which can be stored in a digital wallet. The digital card can be used just like a physical card to shop online, pay bills, make purchases in a mobile app and set up your recurring card payments.

What can I use a digital card for?

You can use your digital card details to:

  • Shop online
  • Set up recurring card payments
  • Pay bills
  • Make purchases in a mobile app
  • Add it to your mobile or wearable digital wallet to shop in-store

What is a digital wallet?

A digital wallet is simply a mobile version of your plastic debit and credit cards in your wallet that are kept in an app on your phone. To get started simply download a digital wallet app. Common digital wallet apps include Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Simply add your card details within the digital wallet app. Many digital wallets can also store loyalty and membership cards.

How to use your digital card?

When you’re out and about you can use your digital card wherever you see the contactless payment sign. Simply hold your mobile phone near a payment terminal that accepts digital cards. While shopping online you can select digital wallet button such as Apple Pay, Google pay and so on to make your payment.


  • It’s important to protect your information with a password or PIN that only you know. Sharing your password or PINs with others could lead to others spending your money without you knowing.
  • Be careful when entering personal information online that the website is secure. Always look for the padlock symbol next to the website address.

For more information on your Westpac digital card visit

Westpac Indigenous call centre team

1800 230 144

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From Melbourne to Perth to the Tiwi Islands, from Launceston to Port Moresby, Lisa has helped many individuals, communities and businesses to build financial confidence for over ten years. From developing and delivering face to face workshops, to facilitating webinars and creating educational tools, she is committed to delivering education with impact, flexibility and sensitivity tailored for each audience. She is responsible for delivering on Westpac’s Reconciliation Action Plan financial education commitment. In 2016 she was runner up in the Westpac Women of Influence Awards recognising her work around Inclusion and Diversity. Her story was featured on the Westpac Careers website as an example of people helping people and she is also here to help you.

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