Financial education resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


Fitness Course

Ready to get your finances in order? Our Financial Fitness course covers the basics of personal finance topics to help you understand key financial concepts and establish good money habits to work towards your desired financial future.


How the bank can protect my money.

There are a number of ways the bank can help you to protect and keep your money safe. How does the bank really know that they are dealing with you? What can you do to also help protect your money. Here are a couple of handy hints.

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A quick guide to effective financial governance.

This guide helps to understand basic governance requirements of a not for profit organisation.

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Good spending habits.

Good spending habits can help you build new opportunities for you and your family.  This short video explores some hints and tips for developing good spending habits.

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My money plan.

By looking at the money coming into your bank account and how you spend that money you can start to build your own money plan, or budget, for the future. This short video explains how.

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Risk Management Part 1: Director's Duties.

Knowing your duties as a director are essential in running any organisation. If you get it wrong, you could be liable for civil and / or criminal penalties. This 20 minute video looks at Directors' Duties under the various acts and regulators.

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