Understanding financial statements.

24 minutes

Financial statements contain a wealth of information that savvy business owners can use to improve their business performance. Our 'Understanding Financial Statements' video helps unlock this information so you can better understand the numbers in your business.

Many people go into business with little or no formal training on how to manage the numbers in their business.  Understanding the information contained in your financial statements can help you make more informed and confident decisions on a day to day basis.

This video delves into the Balance Sheet, the Income Statement, and the Statement of Cash Flows to reveal more about how this information can help you become a more successful business.

We’ll help you learn about:

  •          the Balance Sheet and the information it contains
  •          the Income Statement and the information it contains
  •          the Statement of Cash Flows and the information it contains
  •          how this information is inter-related and provides a holistic picture of the health of your business

This video may be helpful for anyone who is:

  •          considering starting a new business,
  •          currently manages or owns a business, or
  •          just wants to know more about Financial Statements.

You can download a copy of the sample financial statements used in the video here.


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