Optimising cash flow.

23 minutes

The overall health of a business is often determined by the strength of its cash flow.  When you are growing your business or undertaking short-term projects, your cash can fluctuate significantly. By developing a strong methodology around cash flow planning and management, a business can optimise its cash flow through these times and reap the benefits.

This video focuses on the strategic aspects of managing cash flow, with particular emphasis on cash management through short-term projects and long-term growth aspirations.

We’ll help you learn how to:

  • leverage the key drivers of cash flow.
  • develop techniques to manage short-term cash flow issues.
  • identify and manage cash for long-term growth.
  • measure the health of your cash flow using financial ratios.

This webinar may be helpful for anyone who is:

  • an existing business owner or manager who is responsible for the cash flow of a business
  • an existing business owner or manager who is managing a business through a growth phase or is planning to drive growth.
  • an existing business owner or manager who is undergoing a short-term cash crunch.
  • looking to develop cash management skills.

For more information on cash flow management, watch our ‘Managing cash flow’ video too.

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