Measuring financial performance.

28 minutes

Being able to accurately measure past financial performance helps business owners/managers to assess performance and identify actions to improve future business performance. This video on ‘Measuring Financial Performance’ uses the numbers from a business’s Financial Statements to measure how efficiently a business is performing.

We’ll help you learn about:

  • key performance indicators,
  • how to measure those indicators, and
  • interpreting the story they tell about your business.

This video may be helpful for anyone who is:

  • considering starting a new business,
  • currently manages or owns a business, or
  • just wants to know more about measuring business financial performance.

It may be helpful to watch ‘Understanding Financial Statements’ as well.

The video covers:

  • the Financial Operating Cycle which is a model that examines how money flows and is used in a business. Everything from the owner’s initial investment to how profits may be used to sustain a business and generate a return for the owners.
  • the Working Capital Cycle, a model that illustrates working capital cash flows and demonstrates where cash may be getting caught up in a business.
  • Developing a scorecard for your business to quickly evaluate how it’s currently performing.

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