EXITING your business

If you're considering stepping away from a business, we've got resources to help you to secure the value you've worked hard to create.

Closing your small business down.

When it comes time to step away from your small business, one option for exiting is to close the business down. While this is less complex than selling it, or passing it on, this article looks at some key things that it’s important not to overlook to help extract as much value as possible for you.

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Planning for the end game – your business exit strategy.

Every business owner will leave their business at some point. How easy this will be and how much financial benefit you or your heirs will achieve will depend largely on how well you have planned for this transition. This article aims to help get you started.

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Selling your small business.

When it’s time to exit your business, an exit strategy of selling allows you to realise the goodwill that you have built up. Having a solid plan for the sale of your business helps you extract the greatest value to move forward into the next phase of your life.

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